Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Martydom of a 20 something

Yesterday, i did not have to work. Or rather, i did not GET to work. i put my name down for overtime but due to cost-cutting, my company's setting a daily limit for staff coming back for ot recall (from here on referred to as otr). Of course i was a bit peeved as the name right before mine was the last to be taken, but what to do? That's life.
A colleague, however, found herself in the same position and she was in tears over it. Sure she's not well off and needs the money badly, heck! so do i what. just ask citibank n UOB. haha! Anyhoo, apparently she's a victim of circumstance and an unwilling heroine. She agreed to change shifts with this other gurl, so that she could go on a trip. In helping this girl, her name ended up at the bottom of the list. So no chance she's ever gonna get her otr approved unless there was a mysterious epidemic outbreak, causing 80% of the staff who's names are ahead of her to fall seriously ill. Then my Target Twin heard she was "caught" expressing herself drowning in salty tears of self pity. In the locker room. What is wrong with her?!?! Aside from other emotionally manipulative actions she's pulled in the past few months, This really is rock bottom. Then today she comes along and tells me her bf scolded her for changing shifts with the girl in the first place, losing her chance at getting otr. i fink he's jus annoyed that she's in tears over it. Well i'd be if i were in his place.Make sense or not, i ask you... Take responsibility for your damn actions gurl! If you didn't wanna change in the first place for whatever selfish or selfless reasons, you have the right to say "NO", and no one, not even your mother can make you think or say otherwise.
That's a load off my chest there. Her "poor me! poor me!" cries are starting to annoy her friends. Immensely. Tell me, is martyrdom really the path to getting your way? Or becoming the modern day hero we all secretly aspire to be?


Blogger brendywendy said...

it is one of her ways of getting what she wants lah. bloody shu nu. HMPH!

tak boleh tahan.

now i find all her actions so plastic.

wanna bitch w/o being the evil bitch.


people dislike me cuz i am me and cuz i am my honest bitchy self. at least i know that those who do like me do so cuz of who i am n not cuz i act like some bloody shu nu who's bitching while trying not to be a bitch.

it's so obvious why guys r the 1s who are taken in by her n not the girls. it's the shu nu-ness i tell u. the "i am a poor victim" act. it's getting so stale and yet the guys are blind to it.

sad. so very sad.

are shu nus destined to rule the world in future.

10:33 pm  

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