Thursday, November 17, 2005

Pray for us...

I just heard rumours that our free ticket might be taken away! Since the "separation" of SATS and Singapore Airlines, we have been trying to establish ourselves as a world class handling agent bit by tedious bit. With Singapore Airlines as our biggest client of course. We've changed our logo, no we don't use the bird anymore. And of course there are changes aplenty to come but the hardest hit will be if they take away our free ticket. :(
Granted not everyone utilizes the privilege but many do and its a perk we all work hard towards. And next year i was planning to visit the family in the UK!! waaahh!
So this message is for you, the reader. Please please PLEASE pray for us humble people that our this one privilege, that means so much to us, does not get taken away. Thank you for your time.


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